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Costume Creations
The Baroness






This is the comic art that I based my armor on.  The Baroness has had a number of armor styles over the years, but this one is my favorite.  If you would like to see how I made my armor, please take a look at the tutorials section of our website.  Thereís a link at the top of every page!







Hmm.  Maybe the armor came out juuuuuust a little bit too reflective....



    Scott and I enjoy attending events with ďhis and hersĒ matched costume sets, so when he decided that he wanted to make a Cobra Viper costume, it was time for me to decide on a Cobra costume, too!  To be honest, I wasnít very upset about having to change genres... I was a fan of G.I. Joe long before I learned that Star Wars existed.  My parents very rarely took us to the theater, but we kids did have our favorite cartoons in the 80ís!  I considered making a Scarlett costume at first, but in the end I decided on the Baroness instead.  (Itís not safe to have a crossbow laying around the house, afterall!)  The jumpsuit was fairly simple to make, a wig was purchased, and then I set to work making accessories for the costume.  Iíve been adding another piece to it for every convention since then.  The first con, I had the armor.  The second con added the thigh pieces, the third was a better holster setup.  Iím still planning to add wrist gauntlets, sculpted knees, and perhaps some shin armor.... This ought to be fun!