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Princess Leia      Dress Pattern      Dress Assembly      Belt      Hair      Accessories      Gallery
Princess Leia      Dress Pattern      Dress Assembly      Belt      Hair      Accessories      Gallery








Even with two layers of polyester, I found that the dress was somewhat revealing of what I wore under it.  The fabric reveals some colors worn underneath it, and since the fabric is so relaxed, bulky straps show through as well.   I solved both problems quite easily by purchasing a skin-tone dancerís bodysuit, which has an attached bra.  The bodysuit minimizes any lines that might have shown from bra straps, and the color doesnít stand out because itís the same color as me!   I also bought a skin-tone slip to wear, which reaches almost to my knees.  Itís short enough that it doesnít show through the open slits on the sides of the dress, but long enough to help with the drape and flow of the dress when Iím walking.












Carrie wears a distinctive style of boots under her dress.  Theyíre nearly knee high, and have a decorative inset on the sides.  Iíve never seen anything like them in stores or online, so I had to settle for a pair of plain white boots instead.  Iím always on the lookout for boots that will be a better match, but for now Iím content with what Iíve found.  Leiaís boots should have flat soles, with minimal heels.














Thereís a very distinctive look to Leiaís makeup, and it does play a big part in the overall look of the costume.  Study the movie stills and promo pictures, and then do your best to replicate the look!  I just canít picture Leia without remembering that heavy eye makeup, blush, and those glossy lips!

Leiaís Accessories
Under the Dress