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Costume Creations
Mara’s Accessories

Mara Jade has been shown to wear different accessories with her black jumpsuit.

Here are the most common of those accessories.











Mara wears black, laceless knee high leather boots with a conservative heel.





Make sure to get comfortable boots. More than anything else, sore feet can take the fun out of a day of trooping. I found mine at a local shoe store, and I also found a good pair at Target. Black boots are available in many places online, but it's hard to try them on first when you get them that way!












Mara wears a cape which is a tan or reddish brown color. The Mara images from the Decipher photoshoot make it appear that she is wearing a violet, blue, or pinkish toned cape, but this is incorrect. Those colors are created by stage lights, and are NOT accurate. When seen in normal light, that same cape is sandy brown. The cape should be hoodless, and should reach about to the knees in length.


Raw silk is the most common fabric used for Mara's cape. I purchased mine from Dharma Trading Company. Raw silk does not take some dyes well (it soaks up too much red and turns pink), so I have found that it is best to dye it with Rit brand dye to get the correct tan color. If you use a cape pattern, make sure to use a pattern that does not include boxed shoulders. The cape should lay flat over the shoulders when thrown back.

















When Mara wears her cape, she is usually shown wearing a silver triangular cape clasp to hold it closed.








This is the clasp that I created for my costume. I spent months looking for a piece of metal that I could use for the cutout pattern in the design, but nothing had the right look so I finally made my own. I took a cheese grater and poured molding silicone over it. I let that cure, pulled it off, and then used the silicone to cast a resin copy of the grater's cutout pattern. That still wasn't the right design, but it was as close as I could get. I glued the resin to a piece of styrene, beveled the edges, and then made a mold and poured resin castings which were then glued together. I don't consider this costume piece to be finished yet... I'm still on a quest for a more accurate pattern!
















Generally, Mara wears black gloves when she is wearing her cape or her black cowl....







She wears cream colored gloves when she is wearing the cream cowl......






And in the image where she is wearing the long black gloves, she is not wearing the cape or head wrap.





I purchased my gloves on eBay. Avoid the kind that say "thinsulate" if you’re going to be wearing the gloves during the summer, because they get very warm after a while!











Mara sometimes wears black fabric wrist wraps instead of gloves. The wraps should have finished edges, not cut fabric that is fraying at the sides. These wraps are used in the comics to conceal a small holdout blaster on her forearm, so they need a sturdy look to them.
















Mara typically wears brown split lens aviator goggles with dark or mirrored lenses. Split lens bike goggles or aviators can be found with a bit of searching online, especially from shops that sell WW2 reproductions. You usually have to remove some padding to make them look like Mara's goggles.







There are also reference images that show Mara with round goggles while on Tattooine.






When she is wearing her cowl draped around her neck or when she is wearing a cape, Mara tends to wear the goggles hanging around her neck. When she wears her cowl up over her head, then she wears her goggles wrapped around the top of her head, or she wears them over her eyes. The goggles need to look military, not like you're about to go snowboarding!










Mara has been shown to wear cowls that are off-white, tan, cream, or black in color.






The cowl is a piece of fabric sewn into a tube shape that can be worn draped over the shoulders or pulled up to cover the hair. It is NOT a tied scarf. If the cowl is worn over the hair, goggles should be worn wrapped around the top of the head to hold the cowl in place. As you can see, the top of my cowl is longer than the base, so that when it is draped over my head the fabric is longer in the back to cover my hair.










While serving the Emperor, Mara owns a small assortment of lightsabers. One looks like a style very similar to the saber carried by Darth Vader, while other saber styles can be seen in the comics and the Decipher cards. Eventually she is given a saber by Luke Skywalker, but at that point she is no longer serving the Emperor, so the Luke style saber is not accepted for the 501st Legion version of Mara's costume.  The lightsaber blade should be red, purple, or magenta in color.  Once she begins carrying Luke’s saber or one that she made herself, she’s a Rebel Legion character!  









Note: Mara is in the process of attaching an explosive to the side of her lightsaber in the following picture. It is NOT a normal part of the saber's design, and shouldn't be included when making a saber.












Mara's hair was described by Timothy Zahn as "Red-Gold" in color. Her hair has been portrayed many times as one of her most distinguishing features, so no Mara costume would be complete without it!






My hair is brown, so I have to use a wig. It is best to get a quality wig from a wig store, either at a local shop or online. I have had very poor luck with wigs purchased on ebay... they're cheap, and they look very fake. After trying for months (and failing for months) to find the perfect Mara wig, I finally splurged and ordered a custom wig for my costume. I selected the hair color and style, and then used up my costuming budget on a real human hair wig with a lace front.  The lace is glued to my forehead for a very natural hairline. It looks great, but is a royal pain to put on, take off, and care for!


Note: If your hair is red, then your eyebrows should match! I purchased a small bottle of red theatrical hair coloring from Ben Nye, which I use to change my eyebrows from dark brown to red. Paired with the right makeup, it really completes the illusion that I am a redhead!













Like many redheads, Mara's eyes are a brilliant green. If your eyes are not green, then it helps to get a pair of green contacts. You will have to see an eye doctor and get a prescription for contacts, even if they are not corrective lenses. The doctor will measure your eyes so that you can get the correct size of lenses, and will also make sure it would be safe for you to wear them. Many optometrists carry an assortment of sample lenses that you can try on, so you can see what brand of contacts will show up the best for you. I have blue-gray eyes, so I use Acuvue Green Color Enhancers. They show up surprisingly well, and only blur my vision when my eyes get dry.



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