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   Mara Jade    Jumpsuit    Shin Guards     Belt/Holster     Harness    Accessories      Blaster     Gallery

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Photo Gallery







Photography by Ken the Elvis Trooper.







I was walking through WonderCon in my Mara costume when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, expecting it to be a member of my garrison or someone wanting me to stop for a picture.... but it was Tim Zahn! My first reaction was, "This is sooo cool!" My second thought? "Uh oh... I was walking really fast. I hope I didn't make him chase me halfway across the hall!" It was terrific to have a chance to talk to him, and he gave some very helpful advice about the costume upgrades I was in the process of making.







This picture will always remind me one of my "giggle in a very un-Mara-ly way" moments.

Steve Sansweet and TK.5 were kind enough to pose with me for a picture before the 501st group photo at Comic Con. Later, when one of the Vaders was dipping Mary Franklin for a photo op, Steve called out, "Can I do that with Mara?" The other girl costumed as Mara turned to me and asked, "Which Mara does he mean?" So I replied, "He can have one of us on each arm."

And then, the giggling....





At Celebration IV, I finally got a chance to meet Shannon!






Visiting with Thomas after the Celebration IV EU Panel.   Heís a wonderful friend, and a

great listener when you need to talk something out.  


Man, Iím short.....





Photoshoot with my husband, Scott, and our friend Carolyn.








Why am I still smiling, you ask?  ďNo brain, no pain!Ē


Photography by Lavonne Nicolai.

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