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Darth Nihilus       Mask       Hood       Robes      Weathering      Accessories      Gallery
Darth Nihilus       Mask       Hood       Robes      Weathering      Accessories      Gallery
The Lord of Hunger
Darth Nihilus
Scottís Tattered Creations

I decided that I wanted to make a  Darth Nihilus costume after playing through Knights of the Old Republic II for a second time.  I found myself very interested in his character and the idea that he was actually a ghost inhabiting an otherwise empty set of robes.  I also had a theory that it would be a fun costume to wear, and would be a little more comfortable than wearing hard armor all the time.


While researching Darth Nihilus' costume, I discovered that there were two very distinct versions of the suit.

The first version is seen in the Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords game. This version of the costume shows a smooth and sleek Nihilus with his cape attached to the shoulders of his tunic.






The second version is used in most of the Darth Nihilus artwork, with the most prominent example appearing on the box of booster figures for the Star Wars Miniatures game, Champions of the Force expansion. This version of the costume is a rougher and more worn out portrayal of Nihilus, with robes that are reminiscent of Jedi tunics and fabric that has been heavily weathered and torn.  This version also carries a more distinctive lightsaber than the generic saber used by most of the characters in the game.






I thought the Champions of the Force version of the costume was more visually interesting, so thatís the one I decided to make.  In the end it took months of sculpting and mold making, two bolts of fabric, and quite a bit of experimenting to recreate the look of the Nihilus artwork... but Iím happy with the way it came out.