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Darth Nihilus       Mask       Hood       Robes      Weathering      Accessories      Gallery
Darth Nihilus       Mask       Hood       Robes      Weathering      Accessories      Gallery


The gloves worn by Darth Nihilus are black. They have no straps, buckles, or other ornamentation. The shaft of the gloves should have only a very slight flare. I chose a pair of motorcycle gauntlets that I found on ebay for my costume. They included a strap around the wrist that I had to cut off with a seam ripper.




The boots worn by Darth Nihilus are almost hidden inside the layers of his skirt, however it is clear is that they are black boots with no ornamentation to them. Since they are visible when you're walking, and to keep with the Star Wars look, I elected to go with knee high boots in black, with no laces. These boots were found on ebay as thigh high pirate boots.  To suit the Darth Nihilus costume, they were cut down to size and the top edge of the cut leather was folded over and secured using contact cement.



In the Champions of the Force version, the belt worn by Darth Nihilus consists of two layers of leather.  It is similar to the belts worn by the Jedi in the prequel trilogy, but without the buckle, pouches, or chrome hardware often worn by the Jedi.  I purchased a two inch belt and a 3/4" belt from Tandy leather, dyed them both black, and then attached them together using gunmetal black binding posts.  The belt closes in the back with a flat buckle blank from Tandy, which is hidden by the cape.

Darth Nihilus Lightsaber

This is the Champions of the Force Darth Nihilus lightsaber hilt. This hilt was made for me by a fan who made them available for a time.  I've combined this hilt with an Ultrablade (purchased from Ultrasabers) in order to get a more uniform red glowing blade.