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Scott has always loved the look of Imperial Royal Guards.  When we went to the Smithsonian to see the Magic of Myth exhibition in 1998, that was the only costume that he specifically wanted a picture of himself with.  So, once he had joined the 501st Legion, naturally he decided that he wanted a guard costume.  He found a helmet, and I sewed the robes for him.  The costume was approved for membership, and then he wore it to his first event.  


And... he hated it.  






The helmet was too small and restricting, and he was miserable.  He never wore it again.  



When Celebration III arrived, Scottís brother, Brian, decided that he wanted to try the costume.  It had been sitting in storage for quite a long time by then, so Scott took it to Celebration and gave it to Brian.  Brian wore it that weekend, and again for an afternoon at WonderCon the following year... and, thatís it.  He didnít care for the helmet, either, so he finally gave the costume back to us.





The costume sat in our closet for a while, and then I decided to give it a try.  I found that the helmet wasnít too tight for me, like it had been for the guys.  My head couldnít reach the top of it, and the helmet was large enough to wobble like a bobble-head when I rocked from side to side.  Everything was pretty badly beaten up by then, so I had to sand and repaint the helmet, make a new inner robe, and chop about five inches off of the outer robe.  I got the costume approved, and wore it to my first event.


And.... I hated it!  


Even with a fan blowing, it was uncomfortably stuffy inside the helmet after a while.  I couldnít see where I was walking, or the little kids who kept running around me, and I was baking in those layers of heavy velvet.  I gave the costume a try for two more events, and then decided that Iíd had enough.  I retired the costume from my membership profile, sold the helmet, and repurposed everything else.  




I guess the Simpson family just isnít cut from Royal Guard material!








Pam wearing the costume at the Summer Sonata, Modesto

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