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Twiílek Creations      Latex Lekku     Body Paint      Aayla      Pamís Twiíleks      Twiílek Gallery      Events
Alcohol Based Body Ink

Currently in my box of ALCOHOL BASED body painting supplies:


* Reel Creations Body Ink


* Reel Creations Blue Aqua Sealer (Gives more smudge and water resistance to the paint.)


* Reel Creations Body Ink Remover


* Application sponge cut into a half or fourth.


* A small tray for loading the sponge with body paint.


* Lipstick (Body ink will eventually rub off the lips.)


* Eyeliner (For the inside edges of eyelids, especially the bottom.)


* Eyebrow brush (For getting extra body paint off the eyebrows.)


* Eyeshadow  (A darker color that accents the paint looks really good!)


* Nail polish (Body paint won't stick well to nails, but it sticks to polish!)


* Colored contact lenses (For an exotic look!)


* Hair net made for under wigs (Keeps hair up, and protects it.)


* Air compressor and airbrush


* Plastic house painter's dropcloth (To keep the floor drip free.)


* 15" box fan with an air conditioner filter taped to the side to catch paint overspray.)






If you are going to paint your hands or feet, give your nails a coat of nail polish that is similar in color to the paint you will be using.  Give it time to dry completely before you do your body paint. I usually paint my nails the night before I wear my costume, so I donít have to worry about a last minute rush.


If you wear contacts, put them in BEFORE you start applying the body paint.  Your hands will be covered in paint once you start, and you really donít want to worry about getting paint into your eyes!










Painting Technique for Alcohol Based Body Inks



I only use body ink when I have an airbrush. If you are going to invest in the high quality ink, then you need to invest in an airbrush, too. Otherwise, you're pretty much throwing your paint money away!



First, wash your skin with soap, or wipe it with an alcohol cleaning wipe to remove skin oils.


Using a small sponge (I use a round sponge cut in half or fourths, or a flat makeup sponge), apply a light layer of body ink. You do not want to use a large sponge, because it will soak up and waste too much of the ink. That first layer of ink will be uneven, but that doesn't matter. Just get a base coat over the entire area to be painted. The ink will dry faster if you stand in the breeze created by the fan... but be warned, alcohol based ink gets very chilly as it evaporates! When applying ink around the eyes and nose, the fumes can really sting. It helps to stand so that you can put your face directly in the breeze from the fan when it starts to sting. It will help the ink evaporate faster, and will also blow the alcohol fumes away from your face and sensitive skin!


Once the base coat of body ink has been applied and has been given time to dry, apply a very light second coat of ink with the airbrush. This will even out the color very well.


Finish up by applying a very light coat of Blue Aqua Sealer over the top.


That's it! The ink will stay on amazingly well.








Paint Removal



To remove alcohol based paint, you will need a remover made for that purpose. It is possible to scrub the paint off with just soap and a scrubbing pad, but your skin will be rubbed quite raw by the time you get all the color off! Reel Creations sells a remover that works very well. 99% alcohol works, but really dries out the skin. There is also a remover cream sold by Reel Creations for removing paint from the sensitive skin, but I don't use it very often. It works very slowly, and is terribly greasy.  Baby oil also works pretty well, but you end up smelling like the oil for a while afterwards!


After removing the paint, it's a good idea to apply a moisturizing lotion.