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Twi’lek Creations      Latex Lekku     Body Paint      Aayla      Pam’s Twi’leks      Twi’lek Gallery      Events
Twi’lek Costume Events

Here are some of my favorite photos from costuming events and conventions.






My husband painted his clone armor to the Star Corps color scheme... how cool is that?!

I love the way people constantly tell me to "Watch out for that guy."






My favorite hospital visit memory will always be the time I glanced into a room just as a little boy inside spotted me going  by. I smiled and waved at him, and he literally did the "Home Alone" face slap with both hands before scrambling for the door so fast that his mom had to come running after him with his IV stand. We made his day, and he made mine.  Hospital visits are hard, but moments like that make it worthwhile.








A picture from my very first attempt at Twi'lek costuming, during Celebration III.






Our "Order 66" skit during the WonderCon Masquerade.

I came onstage with three garrison friends dressed as clones while the announcer explained that we were searching the planet Felucia for enemy forces. One trooper acted like he'd seen something offstage, so I went to investigate. The announcer then gave the Order 66 command, and the clones hurried off stage after me. (At which point people in the audience started shouting "No!") Then, a moment later I came back onstage with a clone helmet and held it up in a triumphant gesture, and the audience erupted into cheers. It was terrifying to get up on stage in front of so many people.... but hearing them cheer like that made the whole thing worthwhile. What a blast!







Thank goodness the ConsPlayers folks got good pictures! Our camera didn't like working without a flash.





The first time I met Jan Duursema, Aayla's creator.  This was at Comic Con in San Diego.






Our local Quinlan Vos and I at Sac Con.  We wore our costumes on the same day without realizing it, and then met in a hallway at the con. He called out "My apprentice!" and I hollered back, "Master!" and then we chatted happily while everyone else just stared or took pictures.






This guy was great. He came up to me at San Diego Comic Con one morning and said, "Hey, I got you on my arm!" He wasn't kidding!





Some of my students during my school's Star Wars themed Family Science Night. I dress as "the blue lady".... but my kids still call me "Darth Teacher" when they see I'm getting mad!






This guy came up and asked my husband and I if he could interview us during Comic Con one year. I didn't know who he was until my husband informed me after we'd taped the interview that he was Gene Simmons. Explains why he made that comment about "being blue" also. Dirty ol' man....






Somebody kept yelling for us to spar, but I went into shy mode and shut down .... so my friend put on a show by dancing around me whacking my saber blade with his. Leave it to Vader to save the day!






Getting interviewed again.... this time at Celebration IV.







I love this picture!  While we were wearing our Aayla and Star Corps clone costumes at Celebration IV, my husband and I found ourselves trapped in a corridor when someone stopped us for a photo.  Since there was a constant flow of people coming down the corridor, more and more people kept stopping to take pictures, and we got stuck there for the longest time.  Finally I called out, “Okay, everyone, turnabout is fair play!”  and I held up my own camera.  To my surprise and delight, a group of people stopped to pose for me.  Everyone was laughing.... What fun!








This is what happens when you take off the lekku headpiece.... you change from Twi’lek to She Hulk!