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First time Twi'lek. Advice is appreciated. 
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Unread post First time Twi'lek. Advice is appreciated.
Hello all! In October I will be attending Youmacon and have decided to go as a custom Twi'lek Jedi.

I am in desperate need of a starting direction on a set of latex Lekku. After a lot of research latex seems to provide the best movement and a more life like look but I have been unable to find an outline or even a basic how to on the subject.

I am normally pretty inventive on my own and have been costuming for a theater and a Christmas company for 6 years but I have never done something like this and I would appreciate any advice/direction on how to tackle this project.

Sat Jun 28, 2014 1:46 am
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Unread post Re: First time Twi'lek. Advice is appreciated.
Hi Ginger :)

Try these:



Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:43 pm

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Unread post Re: First time Twi'lek. Advice is appreciated.
Hi there, I'm bringing either Vette, Darth Talon, or both to Youma, and I'm really excited to hear about more Twi'leks going there!

There is quite a bit of information in the Lekku section of this forum, including ways to make a pair without a mold which is where I learned how to make my newest pairs of them. Besides that I would suggest looking up tutorials for other latex prosthetics as well since the idea for them is very similar and I know that I didn't quite understand how the molds were made until I read several different sources. Asari headpieces have a lot of tutorials written for them. Latex mask tutorials are pretty good too.

Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:57 am

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Unread post Re: First time Twi'lek. Advice is appreciated.
I got your email asking about my lekku, and I'll do my best describing how I made mine. I went through a great deal of trail and error in the process. I started with this tutorial as a base, mostly because I am not good at sculpting. The biggest thing to remember when making the mold using this method is to make sure the outer portion of the foam fits your head, not the inner section. And leave a bit of room for the clay to go on top. You'll be painting the latex on top of the clay, and while it will shrink a little as it cures it won't shrink that much.

It worked very well for creating the base of my mold, but no so well for the tendrils themselves. So I modified them. Instead of using straight cone shaped tendrils I made curving ones by cutting out two curved halves and gluing them into the cone shape. Like this.


Then I glued the curved lekku onto the head portion.




Take your time when gluing them on, I secured both lekku with pins until I was 100% happy with their position and evenness. After that I trimmed down the edges a little bit to make it smoother. The next step is to stuff it, you want it to be firm but not bulgy. I then covered the whole thing in clay. You can use oil based or water based, if you use waterbased you need to cover it so it doesn't dry out. You don't want cracks. Just use a thin layer of clay. I rolled it out two a few millimeters thick. Once the clay is on start painting it with latex. I used monster mold latex, I got a quart and it was more than enough. Just paint on thin layers, thick layers can take days to completely cure, literally days depending on the weather. But thin layers will cure in 15 minutes. I painted on 15 layers over the entire thing, and an extra 10 layers over the head and curve portions for extra strength.

Once it is all cured before you gently peel it off and turn it inside out coat it with baby powder. COAT it. Or it will stick to itself. Turning it inside out will hide the paintbrush marks. If you used a bit of water to smooth out the clay the inside now outside will be all smooth. Stuff it with what ever works for you. Batting or stuffing beads work nicely. I painted mine with tinted latex, you can use plain old acrylic paints to tint the latex. Just be sure to powder liberally when you are done painting.

Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:32 am

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Unread post Re: First time Twi'lek. Advice is appreciated.
I know this thread is fairly old but just wanted to advise on how I did a makeshift Twi'lek costume.

I was on a pretty tight budget at the time, so what I ended up using were anal beads - hear me out before you call me crazy haha.

Basically they are like a long string of plastic beads that are semi-flexible and most importantly rigid. So it was first of all easy to get into the right shape by bending the beads and taping certain beads together to keep the correct form. And then all I had to do was slip it into a long shirt sleeve (you can use whatever you want to get the right color) and do some quick sewing at the end to close up the tentacle.

If anyone wants to try this technique and see how it goes, I recommend getting anal beads from Blissful Cherry. If you go on the site, you'll notice that the beads are 13 inches long and they actually decrease in bead size as you move down the chain, making them perfect overall shape for the Twi'lek tentacles.

Hope this ends up helping someone :)

Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:09 pm
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