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A Mature Togrutan Montral - Assist. Please 
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Unread post A Mature Togrutan Montral - Assist. Please
I'm new to the forum and should of came here many months ago. A decision I regret but I'm here right now, lets get straight to the point. This will seem long but I'm making it as concise as possible. Thank you forthwith for hearing my tale.

Read on for context. Here are the questions in a nice box:
Armature Question: For a large base at the top of your head and Modeling Clay (Plasticilla) being the detail of the piece, what will hold up the clay and the horns?
Molding Question: Can Ultracal 30 make very refined casts? Like from point tipped molds?
Filler Question: Where can one find Expanding Foam in your local area?
Resource Question: What is the different between 90% and 99% Isopropyl Alcohol?
Resource Question: Knifes for carving Expanding Foam, I understand they get dull easily, knifes in general. Where can you get a get supply of them that could easily cut this foam?
Resource Question: Where can I find Epoxy Resins + Hardeners, Fiberglass, Lycra Spandex in my local area?
Casting Question: Is Hydrostone better than Ultracal 30 when it comes to quality?

I've spent months researching and developing skills for this costume I'm designing. I've always kept bumping into roadblocks. Too many people have tutorials that don't satisfy the demand for how heavy these Montrals will be. They must support their own weight and I've seen some tutorials relying on weak (but flexible) materials. Some tutorials are so old that their image hosting services that aided in reporting their progress are now broken links. Some are incomplete and filled with potholes that could either set the project back a couple more days or maybe even cause an unfortunate incident! One such incident was the lifecasting I just performed yesterday. It was not only a disaster, but my skin was nearly ripped off along with the hair I forgot to tell my assistants to put release cream on. That is the last time I go into something unprepared. This head-piece I'm doing is no exception. I have broken both of my arms, my legs, and had torn one of my rotary cuffs, I have never experienced such pain on such a level....

[Current Knowledge on Existing Montrals]
The only head-piece I have seen done, for an adult Togrutan, with exceptional quality was done by neimhaille on these forums (Source to her creation Some things didn't make sense in the linked thread. I'll highlight a few things about this in the next sectional.

The other tutorials I've spotted for Montrals were:
A) Red5ive's Model Magic Tutorial - Ahsoka ( ... /?ALLSTEPS)
This tutorial addresses the need for an armature, using heavy tape to bind the wires and fill the blank edges between the wire, than add clay. Toliet paper rolls will not hold a large set of horns, just from the look of it, if you have a wide base on top of your head with large horns, what would hold it?

B) P & S's Costume - Twi'lek Lekku (
Sounded like alot of frustration! Haha. Learned that the headcast of yourself is incredibly important if you want a snug fit for your head-piece. Though her mold making experience was terrifying to read up on. This sounds like a stupid question but was their research involved?

C) Webchief's Costume for his Daughter - Ahsoka (
This guy went the whole 9 yards for this head-piece. Many of the images, as you go past page 2 in the thread, are no longer showing so finding images to relate to what he's saying makes it confusing to follow along. I picked up though that he used 2 different types of casting materials in the same batch! That's something I've never heard done before. He used something called 'Dragon SkinĀ® 10 Fast' and 'FlexFoam-IT III'.

[Current Knowledge - Naimhaille's Prop]
1) What was the armature you used to put the clay on for the center piece of the head-piece?
2) Your final product, when it was casted and painted, did it stand up to it's own weight?
3) Could you of accelerated your curing process if you had some specific kind of equipment?
4) Have you found an improved way to make that center-piece now? That posting is April 11th, 2011.

[Planned Approach - Questions Involved]
1) Work on the model with Modeling Clay, use a heat gun gently along the surface if the work is getting dry.
2) Make the center-piece of the head-piece first. Establish the Armature first for the whole thing on a lifecasted bust (with shoulders). Cover with masking tape. Apply Clay to make it into the desired shape. Neimhaille made her center-piece with the horns included too. I would love mine more 'pointy' like shown in the 'Front' view I have below.
3) Make the lekku sides and the 'butterfly butt', as Neimhaille calls it, while being as lure friendly in their shape as I possibly can.
4) Make seperate molds via a brush on method or a 2-piece mold process. I assume a high bristle count will not leave brush marks on the model. If it does, I think 90% Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone (Cosmetic Grade) can smooth it out enough to make it flush again.

Its mostly a carbon-capy of Ahsoka Tano but seen through the eyes of a male instead. Alterations were made but small ones. I spent 2 weeks compiling 3 concept drawings together to get the point across. They are not colored; still a work in progress. Front image, 30% completed with coloring at the time of this writing.

A breakdown of the outfit:

For those just glancing through but might be able to help. Here are the images.

Back 1:
Back 2:

A few experienced others have warned me that this kind of costume is very advanced and can be very expensive. After looking at the many ways it can be done, to make a lekku, of course it looks very time consuming and looks to be very expensive, but without any kind of sense of direction, things always look complicated (I won't debate the expensive bit! haha). When I heard this, I knew I had a right to be afraid of entering a project so large, but I'm beyond that now. You could say this costuming venture is a epic baptism I'm going through. I achieved something impossible as of late and I wonder, why can't I do the same here. I'm looking for people who will listen and break things down for me into basic English for me. I'm 50/50 on the Autistic Scale (Moderate Asperger's Syndrome, don't care if the world knows it) so English, even though it's my first and only language, can be a bit difficult for me to understand! Just throwing that out there, letting the world know that my inner-idiot isn't something I expose to others on purpose.

I want it to be known I envy all of you people. I'd love to be one of you! I have the ambition, but I need the tools! Thanks for your patience.

Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:57 am

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Unread post Re: A Mature Togrutan Montral - Assist. Please
I do enjoy hindsight. After I wrote the issues in my OP, it clicked to me the following day what I could do for some of my issues! Even if it makes me look like an idiot, progress is progress! I still do need some help in other areas; advice is always welcome.

My plan was to make a very rudimentary drawing of the centerpiece of the Montral, that rests on the top of the head. This drawing will act as a blueprint for just how large the thing should be. Though I know when it comes to sculpting things, you can't really measure everything, it's gotta be eyeballed. A ballpark is what I'm looking for, dimensionally speaking. I did alot more research on Sculpting, Armatures, Fillers, and the wonders of Expanding Foam with it's various types of uses! I'll make a PVC pipe junction mimicking the structure of the head. Where the two ends meet at the center of the piece might be a smaller PVC pipe with some form of union piece that would join with those two other, more bulky, PVC T-pieces that'll hold the pair of lekku and the horns. but I think all that matters is they are held together by something that is remotely sturdy. It'll stay where it is when you start adding your filler and clay on later.

I'm mostly stumped on where I can find things in my local area! I'd think that local cosplayers might know, than got me thinking... How do you guys communicate with your local cosplayer groups? I'd assume this community helps eachother out in some ways.. In Milwaukee, WI, their is only one costume shop in the whole Southeastern Wisconsin area. They gave me some tips but they mostly involve me going to conventions of sorts where they migrate to and than asking them all sorts of questions than.

Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:34 pm
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