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Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Not too great at these, but here goes.

Hi, I'm Ben. Nice to meet y'all.

Been a fan of Star Wars for a long time, and a fan of Twi'leks since my first viewing of Return of the Jedi back on opening day in 1983. Yeah, I'm old, lol.
I'm new to some aspects of costuming, but no stranger to fan costuming itself. I've been both Boba Fett and Emperor Palpatine back in the 80's, though time has worn me out on wearing armor, and philosophically speaking I'm looking for new challenges, and to make friends in the fandom.

Nice guy, I am. :) Bit painfully honest, sometimes the tact bone doesn't always work, but I'm trying harder at that. Buddhist in my life view, pro-feminist, even if I am a bit chivalric at times. Old habits are hard to break.

Recently moved to the South...and now that Dragon-Con is a heck of a lot closer, I hope to make friends with some of the members here, and just hang out an' have some fun with ya. I look forward to talkin' with y'all. :)

Balance must be maintained, trust in the Force.

Sun Jun 01, 2014 3:37 pm
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Hello! I'm Niki.

I've been stalking this forum for a long time. I bought my first lekku many months ago. I wear than any chance I get! They really do step up any and every costume I've ever worn them with. =)

Not sure what else to say really... I'm a nerd, always loved Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite I think. Purple is my favorite color, so I have done all purple body paint. Face, neck, upper chest and hands is all I've ever had to cover so far.

Next big costume I'm working on is Zam, but I'm working on an armor wearing Twi'lek too. =D

Glad to be here!

Sun Jun 29, 2014 4:14 am
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Joined: Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:53 pm
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Hey, I'm Jen. I live (currently) just outside of Washington DC but am a native New Yorker - upper mind you, where we have more pine trees than buildings.

I started costuming when I was in middle school for a Halloween party at my stable. Believe it or not, it's very hard to find pre-made horse costumes, and I was determined to be Pestilence. From there I've done everything from Anime costumes to Warhammer 40K (my personal favorite), Lord of the Rings, Medieval through Colonial replicas, Skyrim (and other games) and lately I've had a spate of Star Wars costumes on my plate. I think I may have a slight problem.
Most recently I completed a Mara Jade ensemble which I am very proud of - considering the decision to make it came 2 weeks before a Con my husband and I were attending.

I'm a huge geek and aside from cosplaying I enjoy rpging, board games and miniature painting. All rather expensive hobbies to keep on a teacher's salary let me tell you. But both my husband and our 8 year old son are just as into it as I am so at least I'm in good company.

This October I'll be attending the NYC ComicCon in my first twi'lek costume... and I'll freely admit I'm not sure whether I'm more excited or terrified by the prospect.

Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:35 am
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
hey Lavana, where in Maryland are you? i am in gaithersburg, md. always nice to know theres a cosplay geek nearby. we should meet up for coffee or something sometime.
we (my husband and a couple friends) were thinking about going to NYCC this year. never been. we are DragonCon veterans so i know it would be different from what we are used to.
welcome to the forum.

Sun Aug 03, 2014 4:23 am
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Welcome everyone. :) Awesome to see so many new twi'leks on the boards!


Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:05 pm

Joined: Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:05 pm
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Hi there, this is Merri C:

I am from Germany, Schleswig-Holstein.
(My English isn't that great, so sorry for any mistakes!)
When I was a child I was in love with Star Wars and I am still attached to it.
This year i want to make a wish come true and do a costume from the Star Wars Series.
A friend of mine does a great Darth Maul costume. I was so impressed, that I wanted to do a costume too - Darth Talon it will be.
Pam got me to this homepage. Thank u for that!
I am glad to meet so many Star Wars/Twi'lek Fans from all over the world. C:

Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:20 pm

Joined: Mon May 18, 2015 8:47 pm
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Allo allo there all,

Please allow e to introduce myself. I am Brett W. Turner, my Clone brothers call me CT-5452. I have been in the 501st since 2009, have been costuming since I was eleven (I'm 25 now) when I went to my first Renaissance Festival. I am very into historical fashion throughout the ages and really have loved being apart of some amazing groups. I have met some epically sublime people. So since joining the 501st and attending the past two Star Wars Celebrations I have always wanted to do a twilek, since I am a lad though I wasn't sure how it would actually turn out. I spoke with Pam through many many emails and was so pleased that she liked my idea of doing a Renaissance Italian Jedi Noble Twi'lek. Now i know that sounds like quite the mash up, but in Anaheim our historical garb was met with open arms and plenty of smiles. But I wanted to take it a step further of instead of just having a lightsaber, I would like to be an alien race for this mash up. So after ordering my first lekku, and beginning this project I am pleased to announce it is well underway and now in the process of becoming what I have envisioned. So as said I am truly pleased to be a part of this group and look forward to speaking with you all!!


Brett William Turner

Mon May 18, 2015 9:00 pm
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Joined: Sat May 23, 2015 6:25 pm
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Greetings every one,

I'm known by many names but most call me Perkeo. I've been a member of the 501st and Rebel Legions since around 2008 as DZ 1641 and Konene Toa. Like many people in our hobby, I'm working on several costumes to have even more fun within our groups. I'm hoping to add a male Twi'lek to that list in the very very near future. I'll be spending a lot of time searching and reading the forum.

Thanks for letting me join,

Mon May 25, 2015 1:27 am

Joined: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:46 pm
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!
Hello everyone! I'm Leah and I'm from's cold up here right now. :lol:

I'm an officer in the MI clan of the Mandalorian Mercs and working on my next of our other officers dared me to do a Twi'lek, and here I am! (the deal was if I get one approved, he does one too ;) ) But it really wasn't that hard to convince me since I've been wishing for a pair of lekku since I first saw Return of the Jedi.

Any advise for a first time Twi'lek? I'm very familiar with wigs and cosplay craziness, so it's not completely new to me, but any advice would be appreciated!

Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:07 am

Joined: Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:28 am
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Unread post Re: Say Hello and Introduce Yourself!

Sorry for my Englisch. My languages lump (?) isn't very big.

A friend and I are going to New York Comic Con as generic twi'leks. We are still looking for some lekku, but that is going to be fine. We have made a list with pro's and cons from two different sellers.

Besides the generic twi'lek I'm also working on a cosplay: Darth Atroxa. When I'm getting my salary again, I can start with the basis. I think it's going to be hard to work on the boots and gloves, because I didn't find good pictures of it yet. But I'll just keep on doing research and I'll probably find something eventually.

Well, I don't know what more to say, so have a nice day :D

Greetings from Holland!

Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:47 am
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