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The kit for your kit... ;) 
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Unread post The kit for your kit... ;)
I have put this here as it flls under both body paint and make up and to lesser degree lekku making etc.

I just spent a day sorting my make up and fx supplies and then another day cleaning my brushes and a few containers I use for storage/travel and wondered what everyone else does in regards to care and transport and storage of their various kits.

I have yet to find a perfect single transport option for my kit as I have a mix of powders and tools and cleaners that are different for each character and so their needs are different. But I do know I need a better system for setting up my application booth ;)
Things I need to remember:
towel for neck
towel for kit (lay on a surface to catch any spill from the brushes or containers)
extra cleaner and face wipes for my brushes (especially for keeping the brushes from drying out before I can clean them properly which is usually at the end of the day)
better pallettes for transfering between container and face/appliance
lighted mirror (I have yet to find an hotel or home mirror with good lighting that is not mine... so a portable mirror with lights is definitely needed)
brush holders (will make a roll out one for travel)
cut down my long handled brushes (I use a mix of make up and art brushes)

I'd love to hear about how other people organise their kits for conventions :) I have all my make up and paint etc in three kits at home but none of them are travel friendly! I also have repurposed some of those colour collection type pallets with colours for an entire convention (say three characters) with custom colours.

Again as space is a premium and I am usually flying rather than going by other means, I tend to have a sewing/repair kit in with the paint, tools and cleaners and separate them once at the hotel/crash space.

Oh yes for cleaning my brushes which were in a really bad state there were a few steps involvng IM, hot water, IA, orange oil cleaner... I am going to give them all a nice rinse before using them again to make sure there are no residues left.

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Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:34 am
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Unread post Re: The kit for your kit... ;)
That's a good list. Mine used to include a junk sheet to drape everywhere, but I'm trying to reduce and make room for more costume pieces.
    2 washcloths or hand towels, consecrated to the gods of Pigment and Stain, for removing makeup at costume's end
    1 normal sized towel, likewise consecrated, to put under everything during application and to dry off after the shower at costume's end
    Large self-sealing plastic storage bags (1-3 depending on colors used) to store my brushes and sponges in to keep them from drying out til I clean them
    Rubbing alcohol and long pipe cleaners in case the airbrush gets clogged
    What Neimhaille said about the mirror, bigtime
    3+ plastic ramekins (as used in restaurants to serve condiments) or a small sleeve of little plastic throw-away cups for mixing pigment; plastic bags may be placed over them with the towel on top to keep them from drying out, but usually I have all my mixing done before I pack.

Brushes get stored in the plastic bags during packing.

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Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:38 pm
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Unread post Re: The kit for your kit... ;)
If I'm doing more than two characters, I also tend to keep large plastic bags with the individual character's items in it (except shared items), with the name of the character and a list of items that go in the bag written in Sharpie on one side. That was my husband's idea, originally, to keep all his little items separated and ready to go, because when you're in a hurry that Browncoat's bullets may look an awful lot like that Jedi's food capsules.

"Slow is smooth; smooth is fast" -- shi-fu's mantra for learning and executing combat. It seems to apply to all things in my life except sleep.

Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:40 pm
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Unread post Re: The kit for your kit... ;)
lol! Oh yes :) I know for my Shaak Ti I have a baggie for the jewellery pieces as there are so many small pieces that get lost :)

I had a hunt around today for another travel kit. I almost bought a lunch box as it had three compartments in the lid and a nice wide flat interior. But it still wasn't quite right.

There was a first aid kit that might have worked but I found it a little too tall.

There was a tool kit that would have held brushes but the hinges were a bit cheap.

Fussy pants am I ;)

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Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:31 am
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Unread post Re: The kit for your kit... ;)
I use the gallon Ziplock bags, too, preferably the heavy-duty freezer bags because they last a lot longer and have less tendency to rip or puncture. The biggest advantage is that they can be made to fit in the random spaces in my luggage when I travel. I had tried a couple different cases first, but it was always hard to fit them in my bags, and even though they always started out neat and organized, by the time we got to where we were going, everything was a jumbled mess inside!

For each character I have a gallon bag labled with their name. All of the little things, such as makeup, hair supplies, and small costume components go in the bags. I like the idea of writing the list of items on the bag itself... mine are written on a piece of paper that I put inside the bag. The items that STAY in the bag are written in black, while items that tend to be shared with other costume bags are written in red so that I'll remember to make sure that they've been returned to the bag since the last time they were used.

For the Twi'leks, I pack my paint in a small (sandwich or quart) ziplock bag, and then pack that inside a larger heavy-duty (gallon) sized bag. I do the same thing for paint sealers and removers. I've found that multiple bags tend to protect the bottles from overzealous baggage handlers in the airport, or sharp turns on the way to events... and if there is a spill or leak, the doubled bags will protect everything else from the spill.

Here's my "Twi'lek Cleanup Kit"
- Quart ziplock bag with a (formerly white, now blue) washcloth, and a bar of soap. This bag is for cleaning me.
- Quart ziplock bag with a second washcloth and a small travel bottle of dish soap. This one is for cleaning out the tub at hotels, or convention sinks. (Dish soap cuts the grease of makeup removers when they leave a ring.)
- Quart bag with makeup remover
I put the smaller bags in a gallon ziplock. When I'm finished removing the paint, I put the damp washcloths and everything else back in the bags, and then I'm able to take them home for cleaning without staining anything else in my luggage. I also take a cheap plastic painter's tarp to keep the bathroom clean, and an old towel for drying off.

I also have two other bags that go with me to every event:

Gallon bag labeled "Costume Repair Kit"
- Scissors
- Travel Sewing Kit
- Clothing Stain Remover Wipes
- Super Glue
- Sharpie Pens in Black and Silver
- Safety Pins (One large pin with a bunch more of various sizes hanging from it.)
- Sandwich bag filled with various sized pieces of black and white industrial strength velcro
- Retractable Crafts Knife
- Sponge wedges

Gallon bag labeled "Human Repair Kit"
- Travel bag of tissue
- Deodorant
- Sandwich bag with medicines (asprin, decongestant, antacid)
- Travel First Aid Kit (bandaids, alcohol wipes, IcyHot packets)
- Travel case of Wet Wipes
- Travel case of Q-tips
- Small Mirror
- Travel size hair brush and a couple hair bands

I tend to get nervous before big events or trips to conventions, so checking over the bags has become my pre-trip ritual... it's calm and systematic, and assures me that everything is good to go! (I check the paper that lists all of the components for the costumes I'm taking, too. Each tub has one.)

Pam :-)


Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:53 pm
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