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Summer's Darth Talon VERSION ONE 
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Unread post Summer's Darth Talon VERSION ONE
I first saw Darth Talon in June of 2006. I was totally blown away by the concept of a Darth Maul-ish tattooed Twi'lek and HAD to do this costume for CIV which was the following May in 2007.

DARTH TALON VERSION ONE (made 2006/2007)
There was no way I could paint my whole body by myself plus not very comfortable with it in the first place so my first thought was to get a dance leotard in red, and draw tattoos on with permanent Sharpie marker. I wanted one with a scoop neck because I wasn't sure a full zentai body suit would look real enough, at least I could paint my chest and neck up to my face. Got what I was looking for on ebay for like $15.00, had my sister help outline hard to reach tattoos and I filled in the rest. Markered suit can be washed without the tattoos washing off.

For the paint I got Ben Nye Magicolor Liquid paint from, red for skin color, black for tattoos. I sponged on the paint with a makeup sponge in a 2 or 3 layers, then drew tattoos on with a paintbrush. Then used Ben Nye Sealer. It took maybe 1 to 1 1/2 hours I think just for the paint. Paint does rub off where met clothing but it worked out fairly well wearing it all day.

Lekku made of red knit fabric, wire hanger unfurled and one end sewed to tip of tail, then stuffing stuffed around the wire. Hanger is so they are bendy and also to give them some weight to hang down correctly. Ears also made of same fabric and handsewn on. Drawstring around forehead to keep on tightly. Tattoos drawn on with Sharpie marker. Not as nice as Pam's molded as I have said before but better then panty hose, lol. I had made a headpiece to match the belt but opted not to wear it.

Armor was made of black vinyl and aluminum sheeting from Home Depot (because I really wanted it to look like metal armor), that was spray painted "Gun metal." Elastic bands about one inch wide were sewn on as the straps to keep around arms and legs. Top was made sort of like a sports bra shape that laced in back. Was also made this way instead of a 'strapless bra' shape to hide the edges of the scoop neck bodysuit.

Boots are Skechers Defiance, were about $130.00 from LOVE these boots. VERY important to have flat boots imho. I advise all serious Darth Talon costumers against thigh high stilleto heeled boots. : x lolz But of course it's up to the individual costumer. :D
Belt was made of black vinyl and aluminum sheeting, plastic buckle in back. Some extra pouches for camera and money, etc.
Skirt flaps were gauzy type of black fabric because I wanted it to flow when I walked, these were on a drawstring that was separate from the belt.
Gloves were black evening gloves from my grandma. After seeing pictures of me in costume, I didn't like that they didn't reach all the way up the arm past the bicep armor so got some cheap black costume gloves I from Joann's near Halloween, cut to wrist and rehemmed. Soft velcro strip places at knuckles to give some armor-ish look. They were cut to wrist also so that I could wear arm covers/sleeves made of stretchy black fabric that DID goto the top of bicep armor. I also wanted an arm cover separate from gloves so I could take gloves off easily if I needed my fingers for something.
Bottoms were boy leg underwear in black knit.
Contacts were "Fire Sith" contact lenses bought online from Non-prescription. About $45.00.
Lightsaber was a Episode I watch case with a 'stony' looking fabric cover. This watch case held my travel-size makeup retouching supplies and paintbrush. Watch case just happened to have a little hook on it so I could hang it from my belt. It didn't look very good and I rarely retouched so for future outings in this costume I switched to my Master Replicas Darth Vader lightsaber, bought for $50.00 the day after Halloween at one of those Halloween stores, SCORE!

This costume was alot of fun to wear, I was not expecting the attention it got, and so I am not very theatrical with my poses but am pretty much just standing like a doofus in most shots at CIV, lolz.

Full length (Ok so I am posing here, but this was the costume contest :P )

Things I did wrong with this costume:
Did not have black arm and leg covers that reached past the bicep and thigh armor respectively. But in my defense, in the earliest comic issues, it was very hard to tell if it was just armor or if there were covers underneath.
No rivets on armor.
Top wrong shape, and was too small, haha.
Lightsaber was hideous attempt, but was excellent storage space for makeup supplies.
Belt is kind of meh. Skirt flaps should have been leather.
But all of these things will be fixed for...

Summer :)

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Unread post Re: Summer's Darth Talon VERSION ONE
Ah, this is one I've been looking forward to seeing! Thank you for posting!

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