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Laranth Tarak 
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Unread post Laranth Tarak
Making a request for Laranth Tarak of the "Legends'"/ old canon books, the 'Coruscant Nights' trilogy and 'The Last Jedi'.
I went as Laranth this year to Star Wars Celebration 8 :) (Missed out on the Twi'lek group photo, however :( )
A little background for those who may not be familiar with Laranth...
She was a 'Gray Paladin', an offshoot of the Jedi that used The Force when necessary, but felt that the Jedi had become far too reliant on the use of The Force; while not against the use of The Force, they felt that other skills should be developed so an individual did not become reliant on it. They also eschewed completely the use of the lightsaber, preferring to hone their skills with blasters and other forms of weaponry, both armed and unarmed. Gray Paladins excelled in martial arts and were as dangerous without a weapon as a skilled Jedi with a lightsaber. The Gray Paladins also are much more militaristic than Jedi, and actively fought against the stormtroopers on the night of Order 66, rather than simply defend themselves.
When we first meet Laranth, it's been many months since the Jedi Purge, and two months since 'Flame Night', a rounding up of a few remaining Jedi & Padawans that had escaped, and then publicly executed to set an example. The Jedi Temple had also been set ablaze. During a riot that broke out during the executions, Laranth was hit by a blaster bolt that burned off the last 4 inches of her left lekku, as well as receiving wounds on her right cheek and neck. Because she had been lying low in the underbelly of Coruscant and had no access to a bacta tank, she has scar tissue on the areas she was wounded. Rather than hiding the shortened lekku under the right one or wrapping it, she lets it hang free, somehow proudly displaying her battle scars.
A rather serious person before the Purge, she had become even more grim since Flame Night. While not unpleasant to be around and very resourceful, she has never been known to smile. She has a dry and slightly sarcastic sense of humor, but the best she can manage is a slight smirk.
She is a green-skinned, green eyed Twi'lek, lean and well muscled, approximately early to late twenties (the age most Jedi achieve knighthood). She also dresses mainly in grays and black, as did the Gray Paladins. In the first book, she is described as wearing a black vest over a gray pullover, gray 'thinskin' breeches, and faux leather boots. However, her appearance on the cover of the second book shows her wearing a black cropped top with a large keyhole opening at the tops of her breasts, tight fitting black pants, and a long gray overcoat. She is also shown wearing a silver colored lekku wrap that divides her lekku and has six stones at the forehead.
Laranth also carries a twin pair of DL-44 blasters, which she wears low slung, one at each hip.

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