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Kyrene's Vette 
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Unread post Kyrene's Vette
I've got two weeks to finish my Vette for Youmacon. I'm super excited because it was my first con last year, I met my boyfriend there so we decided to celebrate our first anniversary by doing a pairing cosplay at the con where we met. He already has his Sith Warrior, but need to get my costume done. Although I still have my Vette inspired cosplay, I'd rather have an outfit she wears in the game.
I've chosen Her slicing outfit. It's a fun recolor of some of the imperial agent gear and is the first non-slave outfit that the character appears in. I've altered the pattern a bit to fit my sewing skills (or lack of), but I'd rather do that and have it turn out well.

Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:23 pm

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Unread post Re: Kyrene's Vette
Today I tried out some different colors for the body paint. All of them are Reel Creations.

This one is 2 parts white, and 1 part royal blue. I think it has too many purple undertones for the character, and looks a bit too pale under flash.

This one is 4 parts white, 2 parts royal blue, and 1 part blue #4. I liked this one better, but thought it looked too bright under certain lighting. Something I 'm trying too avoid since I ended up using straight up blue #4 mixed with white when I did my Vette inspired smuggler. I felt like I was blinding people I was so bright. So next I tried something right between those two.

4 parts white
3 parts royal blue
1 part blue #4
So far this one seems the most accurate. Depending on what reference I look at >.< in game lighting doesn't always mimic real lighting. I'll probably choose this option but I'll leave the samples on my arm a couple of days and see how they look in different lighting.

Sun Oct 20, 2013 11:38 pm

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Unread post Re: Kyrene's Vette
Did you get your costume done in time?

I do samples on my arms all the time and it is funny...when I don't take off and people ask me what happened!

Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:36 pm

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Unread post Re: Kyrene's Vette
Not in time for Youmacon, but I did have something wearable for a smaller con a couple of weeks later. People still seemed to enjoy the costume even though it was just a closet cosplay, But I think people would appreciate jeans and a T-shirt as long as there's Pam Lekku :lol: . I find it necessary to leave the paint on to make a decision. I ended up adding more blue to the final mix because these seemed too light. One professor of mine came up to me and asked if it was paint or if I was clinically blue lol.



The Slicing outfit still needs a few things completed, and a few things tweaked for accuracy, but it's at a point where I can wear it =D. We entered the masquerade with our costumes, and ended up taking home best in show. I'm still shocked about that. I was so nervous entering because of the pieces that were missing, and just not being too confident in the pieces of the cosplay I made myself.


I made the Vest out of craft foam, I sealed it by ironing it. Then I polished it with shoe polish to give it a leather look. I am glad that I took that method with it instead of using vinyl, because I don't think vinyl would have held the shape I needed very well. It's very form fitting. Yet, I didn't think this was a good first leather working project either. I'll leave that for Talon's bikini, but only because I'm wearing a bodysuit under it.

I asked for a dress form form my birthday/Christmas present. (The benefit of having a birthday close to Christmas is that even though they get combined sometimes, you usually get an awesome present when they are!) I'm going to continue work once I get that, so that I can actually see the back of it while I work on it. My to do list for Vette is:

-Sculpt and cast metallic part of headband
-Make Chin Strap out of invisible bra strap

-Sew Collar
-Draw lines
-take in fabric, and align back more evenly
-sew grey sections to sleeves

-redo trim, so it is all the same width (it was 2 am when I measured that part XD)
-shorten straps
-repaint clasps on straps a lighter silver
-maybe cast clasps so they are less flat
-shape, trim, or do something to the corners so they stick out less
-Make pocket, I actually don't like the pocket on this outfit that much, and will probably procrastinate on it in hopes that I don't finish it.

-Make black leg straps with metal buckles
-Make them dirtier, like the reference

-find matching gloves
-or finish Eleena's gloves and wear those

I still need to look up how to make clothes look dirty without actually making them dirty, but I'm sure the internet has tons of information that.

Sat Dec 07, 2013 4:29 pm
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Unread post Re: Kyrene's Vette
This is looking great! I love how creative you are with materials/costume assembly.


Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:57 pm
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