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Visas Marr      Inner Dress      Outer Dress      Veil      Accessories      Gallery
Visas Marr      Inner Dress      Outer Dress      Veil      Accessories      Gallery

The accessories for a Visas costume are pretty basic.  Youíll need:




A pair of black riding boots.  They can have a zipper on the inner leg, but they shouldnít have laces or excessively high heels.  I got mine at Target.  Theyíre the Merona brand, and theyíre very comfortable!



A pair of black elbow length gloves.  Leather is best, since it flexes and breathes better than vinyl.  The gloves should be matte black, not glossy.  Four silver lines go around the wrists and forearms, spaced evenly.  I used metallic silver paint that was marketed for leather, but Iím finding that itís starting to flake off the stripe on my wrist.  Every time I slide my hands into the gloves, that part of the glove gets stretched a little bit, and the paint separates.  Itís not bad, but it is noticeable enough that Iíll have to do something about it before too long.







A red wraparound belt.  The belt should be made from a soft fabric that drapes well.  The closure where the two ends of the belt meet should be hidden as well as possible, and can be tucked under the place where the belt crosses over itself on the right hip.  I used snaps on mine, and they work well.



Makeup.  Whether youíre going for the red-lips look or the veiny turned-to-the-darkside look, youíll need the right makeup to get the effect that youíre looking for!