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      Our costuming projects have been a lot of fun to make and to wear. By joining the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion we’ve gotten to know fellow costumers from all over the world, and it's definitely the people we've met who have made the entire effort worthwhile. Thank you to everyone we’ve met in person and online; the costuming community is a terrific group of people!


      We have been asked if we are willing to sell copies of our costumes or props. We decided that the answer is yes, but only for some of the pieces. This is strictly a hobby for us, and we’re definitely not planning to start a prop making business, but selling an occasional costume piece does help us earn back some of the money that we’ve invested in our sculptures and molds (so we can afford to make more!), and it’s always fun to help out other costumers. We do not sell fabric or leather costume components, but we are willing to cast copies of costume pieces that are made with the molds we have on hand:








Scott:  Scottrooper@clearwire.net


Pam:  Mitji@aol.com





Happy Costuming!

Scott and Pam

Latex Twi’lek Lekku

Darth Nihilus Mask

Mara Jade Blaster

Cobra Baroness Armor

If you have any questions or comments about our costumes or tutorials, 
or if you'd just like to chat about Star Wars, please feel free to contact us!