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Costume Creations

Costuming Supplies:


Would You Believe  - Ben Nye body paints


The Monster Makers  - Latex and mold supplies


Dharma Trading Company  - Clothing blanks, material, and lots of dyes


FX Supply - Body paints and mold supplies


Tandy Leather - Leather, leather dye, and lots of other stuff!


Hobby Link - Airbrushes and travel size air compressors

(I use the Blue Ice compressor and the Aztek A220 airbrush.)


Reel Creations - Reel Creations Alcohol Based Body Ink


Cosplay.com - Costuming supplies ranging from top quality to cheap.






Research and Tutorial Sites:


The Padawan's Guide - Info for many Star Wars characters.


Image Events - Great Aayla tutorial, and others, too.


Studio Creations - No Twi'leks, but good costuming information.


Wermo's Guide to Lekku - Summer's Tutorial for creating fabric lekku.


The FX Lab - Special effects prosthetics and makeup forum.






Star Wars Costuming Clubs and Fan Sites:


The 501st Legion - An international club for Imperial and villian costumes.


The Rebel Legion - An international club for Jedi and Rebel costumes.


The Jedi Assembly - A group dedicated to Jedi costumers.


The Force.net - Star Wars news, info, and a great costuming forum.


Replica Prop Forum - The RPF is one of the largest replica prop sites.


The Dented Helmet - Mainly for Fetts, but other costumes are discussed, too!







Lightsaber Forums and Websites:


Ultra Sabers - Sabers, conversion kits, and supplies. Forum, too!


Plector Labs - Luxeon saber supplies and tutorials.


Illumisabers - Tutorials and custom sabers.


Custom Saber Shop - Saber kits, supplies, and a terrific forum.





Random Star Wars Websites:


Rebel Scum  - A site for Star Wars collectors.


Star Wars - Lucasfilm's "Official" Star Wars fan site.


Sir Steve's Guide - Steve Sansweet's Collector's website.


Wookiepedia - The Star Wars Wiki Encyclopedia


Jan Duursema - Jan Duursema's comic website and forum





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