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Costume Creations
Scottís Biker Scout Creation

    This was the first of our ďbigĒ costume projects, and what a door it opened up.  The quest toward building this costume started at Celebration IIís Concert.  During the Imperial March, I leaned over to Pam and whispered that the only thing that could make it better would be if stormtroopers came in.  Almost immediately after I said that, all the doors slammed open and in came stormtroopers from the 501st Legion.  I loved it!  I knew at that point that I had to get involved in the 501st, and decided that I wanted to tackle a scout costume as my first project.   


     I picked up some strong advice and assistance on bikerscout.net in the beginning, and really have never looked back.  Iím now on my third helmet upgrade, second cummerbund, second jumpsuit, and second pair of boots.  Although itís my oldest costume, itís probably still my favorite one to wear, and itís taken me to some amazing and unexpected places.  With my scout costume I have participated in 2007ís Rose Parade, the granting of a childís wish for Make A Wish, two Stormtrooper Olympics Competitions, four Modesto Bee interviews, a Lucasarts Party featuring Kool and the Gang in concert, a charity premiere of Revenge of the Sith, and uncountable other events, with many more to come.

The results of a photo shoot taken at my in-laws property just outside of Yosemite.


This picture was taken during a small scale event held at Brenden Theatre in Modesto, CA.

Bravo Squad, 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade

Members of the Central California Garrison and Golden Gate Garrison with

George Lucas during dress rehearsal for the Rose Parade.


Of course, every so often, I like to kick back and take a little ride.   This one didnít go very far...I didnít have two quarters with me to make it work.


This image was taken at Boomerís Minature Golf and Amusement center in Modesto, CA.  On this day, we had the opportunity to race the go-karts, play Laser Tag, and basically amuse ourselves to no end while running around in costume.  


As you can see, Boba Fett just canít keep up with a Scout who has a lead foot.


Itís important to keep hydrated.  Those guys on Endor didnít, and you saw what happened to them.  Poor dehydrated souls couldnít see the trees.

Were you aware that the Staples Center in Los Angeles is a no fly zone for speeder bikes?   I wasnít...and you can see what happened.

I didnít let those pesky Rebels slow me down too much, though.  As soon as I managed to get out of Rebel custody, I scored this ride and promptly got back to doing what all Scout Trooperís do best: run into trees.

Trooper Olympics ~ Star Wars Celebration IV