Scottís Viper Creation
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Costume Creations

    This was the second costume assembled after the sale of my first clone costume.  I grew up with G.I. Joe and always loved the look of the Cobra Viper.  I had the chance to put this one together and had to jump at it.    


     Debuting this outfit alongside Pamís Baroness costume at Wonder-Con Ď09 was tremendous.  It was pretty apparent that the mirrored visor was intimidating as we walked down the street from the hotel to the convention center.  (Iím sure that seeing a six foot three guy in combat gear carrying an assault rifle had nothing to do with it.)



The Viper costume also made the trip to Georgia for Dragon*Con 2009, where I was warmly greeted by other Cobra costumers from all over the country.

WonderCon 2009


San Francisco