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Costume Creations
Rebel Fleet Trooper

After spending a year inside the clone armor and helmet, I knew that I wanted to do something totally different: I wanted something comfortable to wear.  (Iím pretty sure that breaks costuming rules, but it had to happen eventually.)


The Rebel Fleet Trooper costume made itís debut for me at Celebration 4, and quickly proved to be exactly what I had wanted.  It was a quick and easy costume that was very comfortable, but still recognizable to the Star Wars fans.

Alongside fellow Central California Garrison and Endor Base members at a Boy Scoutís Eternal Flame Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Obviously, sometimes being the lone Rebel around a bunch of Imperials doesnít work out so well...

Luckily for me, Iíve got a blaster, and I CAN see out of my helmet!