Scottís  Star Corps Clone
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Costume Creations

This was my first costume where I worked on every single piece myself, and looking back at it, all I can really think did that look nice!    


I was offered the chance to make the suit by another member of my local 501st garrison, and never looked back.  I knew from the start that it had to be a Star Corps version to go with Pamís Aayla costume, but I certainly didnít expect it to become my default costume for over a year, leaving everything else packed away.


This suit made it to some pretty memorable events, from debuting it (in a pure white form) at San Diego Comic-Con, to playing laser tag and being in the 501st Group picture at Celebration IV, but eventually I did end up letting this one go when I received an offer too good to pass up.

These photos were taken by a friend of mine, Ken, better known to most as the Elvistrooper.  The pictures he took during that photoshoot remain some of my favorite costume photos that Iíve ever participated in.

The debut of my version 2 suit for the Clone Wars movie premier.  It wasnít really finished yet, at least not by my standards, but it certainly didnít matter to the kids!

Or, maybe it did....



Photo taken at a Free Comic Book Day event at Bonanza Books in Modesto, CA

Posing for a quick photo with Pam (as Aayla Secura) and Doug Wangler (as Quinlan Vos) at Celebration IV in Los Angeles.  Quick in this case really means about half an hour. Once a costumed group pauses for a photograph, the cameras just donít stop flashing!

Meeting artist Jan Duursema, one of the creators of Aayla Secura and the designer of Commander Blyís comic book appearance.  Her artwork is what my paint scheme was based on.

Putting together the clone suit takes a lot of different steps and tools, and even more time.


Above, you can see me in the process of vacuforming my second suit of armor.  And to the side, Iím dremeling the pieces into the right shape once theyíve been glued together.