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Costume Creations
Scott’s X-Wing Pilot

As much fun as I had with the Rebel Fleet Trooper costume, it didn’t quite have the iconic “Star Wars” appearance that I was looking for.  So I moved on to another hero costume.  This time I went for what is probably my favorite of the Rebel Trooper types, the X-Wing pilot.   


This is a newer costume for me, so it hasn’t made it to very many events yet, but it did make it to Dragon-Con in 2009 and allowed me to act as Banner Carrier to lead the way in the 2009 Modesto Festival of Lights Parade.

Ever had that one nosy critic who just wasn’t happy with any kind of detail work you did?  The one who kept leaning over to watch you as you work?  Imagine if they had sharp claws to dig into your scalp and a sharp little beak to poke you in the head when your work wasn’t up to par.....



Dragon-Con 2009 with a friend portraying Morrigan Korde from Star Wars Legacy.

Leading the way for the award winning Star Wars Legions entry in 2009’s Modesto, CA Festival of Lights Parade.